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Remember GCSE content much more easily!
Memorise images, not words


Images stick in your long-term memory far more easily than words.

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It's weird but it works!

Alex - Year 10

Show me how

See Mojo Magic happening - watch this video

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It's a different way of thinking - easier to remember!

Taish - Year 10

Why it works

There are three key parts of revision


Remembering is vital for GCSE success


It's scientifically proven that images stick in your head better than words!

mojo-orange-logo translates words into images, making remembering easier

Why Mojo is unique

Mojo is the only revision tool that makes remembering quick and easy!

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Mojo makes me feel good about my biology

Robbi - Year 11

The benefits of Mojo

Save time through quicker, better memorising and:

  • Feel great about your ability to remember
  • Feel in control of your learning
  • Feel less stressed
  • Perform better in your GCSEs

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Mojo really clicked with my middle science group

Sarah - Biology Teacher