What do I like doing on Holiday?

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What do I like doing on Holiday?

Whether you like sunbathing, swimming or just chilling out, you need to be able to talk about it in your speaking exam. You also need to be able to say what you don't like doing!

A short reminder on how to express likes and dislikes:


For Example:

Ich spiele gern Tennis I like playing tennis
Ich liege sehr gern in der Sonne I really like lying in the sun
Ich gehe nicht gern wandern I don't like hiking
Ich besichtige gar nicht gern die Sehenswürdigkeiten I really don't like sightseeing

In this exercise, you will be able to see how well you know your vocabulary!

Look at the table below and then click on either "richtig" or "falsch" in the grid that follows for each statement. Mark your answer to see how you got on...


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