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My Next Holiday

Talking about your holidays includes what you do in all your school holidays, not just in the summer when you may go away. The great thing about German is that when talking about a holiday in the future you do not always have to use the future tense.

So, if you think you may not remember where to put the infinitive when under pressure in the speaking exam, you can always use the present tense.

For example:

Wohin fährst du in den Sommerferien?


Wohin wirst du in den Sommerferien fahren?


Ich fahre nach Cornwall. (present tense indicating future)

Ich werde nach Cornwall fahren. (future tense)

Future tense

You use this tense when talking about things that will happen sometime in the future, be it in the next hour, day, week, month, year. In German, the future tense is formed with the correct part of werden + the infinitive of the verb which goes to the end of the sentence.

For example:

Ich werde Tennis spielen (spielen = to play, this is the infinitive) I will play tennis
ich werde I
du wirst you; singular family member or friend
er/sie/es wird he/she/it
wir werden we
ihr werdet you; plural family member or friends
sie werden they
Sie werden you; polite, formal

In this exercise, which will help you to practise the future tense, click on the words and drag them into the correct gaps to finish the sentence. Mark your answer each time before you click on "next question"...

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There is so much you can say about your holidays - for a start: where you are going, with whom, for how long, where you are going to stay and how you are going to get there. There is a lot of vocabulary that you need to know. This exercise is in the present tense (indicating the future) and allows you to concentrate on some of the words that you need to know.

Look at the pictures giving details of each person's holiday and then complete the sentences by typing in the missing words. Mark your answer and then try the next question...

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Here are a few very basic sentences to start you thinking about what you are going to say about your holidays.

Translate each of these English sentences into German by clicking on the German words in the blue boxes in the correct order.

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Packing to go away on holiday is something most of us enjoy doing, even if it's at the last minute! There is loads of vocabulary you need to know for the sorts of things you take away on holiday, so make sure you know it. It could easily come up in the reading or listening exams.

In this exercise, drag the names of the items onto the relevant images and then mark your answer...

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