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Booking into a hotel is something you may need to do in your speaking exam. First of all, you need to be able to say what type of room you need and for how long.

Read what Hans is asking for in the speech bubbles below and select the relevant symbols. Mark your answer and then press the "next question" button to move on to another question:

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When staying in a hotel, there are various facilities you will need to be able to ask for.

This exercise will help you learn the vocabulary you need:

Look at the pictures below and drag the correct name onto the image before marking your answer:

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You may have to book into a campsite in one of your role-plays. Below are a few questions that you should know.

1. Haben Sie Platz für ein Zelt für eine Nacht? Do you have space for a tent for 1 night?
2. Haben Sie Platz für einen Wohnwagen für drei Nächte? Do you have space for a caravan for 3 nights?
3. Haben Sie Platz für ein Zelt für eine Woche? Do you have space for a tent for a week?

Now try the following exercise:

You've arrived at the campsite and you need to know what facilities are available and where they are. The camp-warden gives you a map of the site. On the map you will see symbols for the facilities available.

Click on the word and drag it to match the correct symbol. Viel Spass!

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To help you prepare for your role-play at the youth hostel, have a goat the following exercise:

Read the English sentence at the top of the interaction and then click on the correct blue German translation. Mark your answer each time before going on to the next question.

Remember: some of these questions or statements may come up in your speaking exam, so you need to be able to say them correctly or understand your teacher, so that you can reply appropriately!

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