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Further Practice

In your speaking exam, you may need to spell your name in a role-play - you may need to be able to understand spellings in the listening exam.

If you are not sure how French letters are pronounced, this table will help you:

A = ah (as in 'car') J = zjee S = ess
B = bay K = cah (as in 'car') T = tay
C = say L = ell U = ooh
D = day M = em V = vay
E = euh N = en W = doubl vay
F = eff O = oh X = eex
G = zjay P = pay Y = ee greck
H = ash Q = coo Z = zed
I = eeh (as in see) R = air

We all like spending time on the telephone talking to friends, catching up on the latest news. In your speaking exam, you may need to make a telephone call as part of a role-play.

Here are some useful phrases you ought to know:

Read the speech bubble and click on the correct English translation. Then mark your answer and click on "next question" to try another:

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You need to know your numbers really well - you can be certain that numbers will come up more than once in your exams.

In the following exercise, read the speech bubble and then click on the winning sequence in the yellow strip above:

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You need to be able to talk about yourself, say where you come from and what nationality you are.

This exercise will help you to see whether you are confident in the basic phrases you need to talk about yourself.

Look at the dialogue below. Some words have been missed out. Click and drag on the blue words and place them in the correct gaps in the text. Mark your answer to see how you got on:

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There is a lot of vocabulary in this topic - family members, description, characteristics, colours, nationalities... We all like talking about other people, so this is a really useful topic to know when you talk to French-speaking people - it will also gain you loads of marks in the exams!

You may need to write about yourself - your family, pets. How much do you know? The following letter contains lots of essential words and structures.

Click on the blue words and drag them into the correct spaces. Watch out - three of the blue words won't be used!

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