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Exam Practice

If you have a role-play that takes place at the doctor's, you are very likely to have to spell your name. So, make sure you can do this in French!

Here are some examples of phrases that may come up in the role-plays. Look through them and see if you can work out what you would say if they came up in your exam. There are some suggestions for answers below:

1. Say you have a toothache.

2. Say you have a stomach-ache.

3. Say your sister has backache.

4. Say your brother has a headache.

5. Say you have broken your arm.

6. Say you have a cold.

7. Say you have burnt yourself.

8. Say he has sunburn.

9. Say she has the flu.

10. Say you have cut yourself.

11. Say you have cut your finger.

12. Say that you fell.

13. Say you have a temperature.

14. Say that you are seasick.

15. Say that you have a cough.

16. Say that a wasp has stung you.

17. Find out if you have to stay in bed.

18. Find out if you need a prescription.

19. Find out where the chemist's is.

20. Ask for something for sunburn.

21. Say you have been ill since this morning.

22. Say that it hurts.

23. Find out how long you must take the tablets for.

24. Ask how often you should take the tablets.

25. Say that you feel better.


1. J'ai mal aux dents.

2. J'ai mal au ventre.

3. Ma soeur a mal de dos.

4. Mon frère a mal à la tête.

5. Je me suis cassé le bras.

6. J'ai un rhume.

7. Je me suis brûlé.

8. Il a un coup de soleil.

9. Elle a la grippe.

10. Je me suis coupé.

11. Je me suis coupé le doigt.

12. Je suis tombé.

13. J'ai de la fièvre.

14. J'ai la mal de mer.

15. J'ai mal à la gorge.

16. Une guêpe m'a piqué.

17. Est-ce qu'il faut rester au lit?

18. Est-ce qu'il me faut une ordonnance?

19. Où est la pharmacie?

20. Je voudrais quelque chose pour un coup de soleil.

21. Je suis malade depuis ce matin.

22. ça fait mal.

23. Je dois prendre les comprimés pour combien de temps?

24. Je dois prendre les comprimés combien de fois par jour?

25. Ça va mieux?

An example of the type of writing you may have to do related to this topic would be an article for a school magazine about leading a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some ideas of the sorts of things you could include:

  • Describe the types of foods that make up a healthy diet. You could talk about the different components of food (fat, carbohydrate, protein, etc) and describe the effect they have on the body. Say whether you follow such a diet.
  • You could say you used to eat less healthily (past tense), but now you eat more fruit, vegetables, less fat, etc. (present tense)
  • You could now mention exercise and whether you think you do enough. Talk about different sports.
  • Now you can talk about smoking and alcohol and the effects they have on us.
  • Finally, you could use the conditional tense by saying what you would/could do to improve your lifestyle. Think of all those New Year?s resolutions!
  • There are opportunities to use three time frames here, so make the most of them!
  • Also, plenty of chances to give your opinion on foods, sports, cigarettes, etc.
  • So, a brilliant opportunity to show an examiner how well you can write French!