More Poetic Devices

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More Poetic Devices

Similes are when you compare two things by saying that one is like the other.

For example...

'Michael Owen is like a whippet in the box.'

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'The sea was like a hungry dog licking the shore.'

What two things are being compared in this line'

Poets often use similes, and you should try to use a few similes in your own descriptive writing.

Try going through the poetry you have studied in your Anthology underlining all the similes used.

Metaphor is a more concentrated form of simile, in which one thing is said to be the other. The above examples canbe turned into metaphors by simply removing the 'like' or 'as'.

"Michael Owen is a whippet in the box"

"The sea was a hungry dog licking the shore."

Personification is a special type of metaphor where something that is not alive is given human emotions. It can be very useful in creating atmosphere, as the world around a character can be made reflect their feelings.

For example

"The stones cried out under the horizons."

"The angry wind hurled itself through the moaning trees."

"Mark walked dejectedly through the lonely lanes, his way lit by a tired old moon."

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