Biographical Details

Biographical Details

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Recently regarded as the bright young thing of English poetry, Simon Armitage, with his rock star good looks and nifty rhythms, is a hugely popular and accessible poet. Anyone who has heard or seen him perform live will know how he can captivatean audience, and switch on even the most reluctant teenager.

Armitage writes about ordinary life and everyday things, about pickpockets at football matches, about Batman and Robin, about falling in love.

He is admired for the way he can shape ordinary, unpretentious language into powerful, tender or amusing poems. An ex-pop musician, rumoured to have been in a band called 'Armitage Shanks', Armitage has the ability and skills to create rhythms and rhymes that sound immediately right.

He is not a judgmental poet, although strong feelings and opinions do come through in his poetry. He seems to have sympathy for the anonymous 'ordinary' people he describes, but he leaves things open enough for readers to makeup their own minds. Similarly in his confessional love poem, 'I am very bothered when I think', Armitage doesn't shy away from presenting himself unsympathetically.

Above all else Armitage can be relied on for his honesty. He tells it like it is, as he truly sees it, without spin, angle or treatment. You can tell he's a man who really believes what he's writing.