Adapting to Survive

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Adapting to Survive

Any organism has to keep up with any changes in their environment. They have to adapt in order to survive.

Adaptation means making changes in what you do or how you do it. Without the necessary changes you will fail to compete and die.

A favourite exam question is to ask you to think why a particular characteristic helps an animal or plant survive. Each has to adapt to its own niche - the place where it lives and fits into the local environment.

For example: a rabbit has the following adaptations to its life as a prey animal:

Adaptation Survival advantage
Large ears To hear predators
Thick brown fur Good camouflage and for warmth
White tail To act as a warning flag to other rabbits when its running away!
Fast and agile running To avoid predators
Eyes on side of head Allows all-round vision to watch for predators

All those things are fairly obvious aren't they! Now try this list for the ultimate predator, the lion. They are all jumbled up so you need to match them up.

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