Giving Extra Help

Giving Extra Help

People have used remedies and medicines for hundreds of years to treat diseases. Salt was used to keep food from spoiling centuries ago in Africa and Asia.

In the Middle ages, Arab healers were famed throughout the world for their treatment of disease.

In more modern times doctors and scientists have developed immunisation and antibiotics to treat and prevent diseases caused by microbes.

Immunisation is giving dead or weakened forms of the disease causing bacteria to a person, usually as an injection. The injection does not cause the disease but the immune system responds and creates antibodies.

Then if the person is infected with the live bacteria another time their immune system is ready to kill the bacteria.


Antibiotics like penicillin are chemicals that kill bacteria. They do not hurt body cells.

They are very useful for cleaning up infections but they are useless against viruses. So next time you have a cold or flu they won't be any use, I'm afraid.