(This was one I wrote for my English exam in year... 7? I think.) Thunder fell outside her window, rain stabbing at its rough edges, peeling off more paint which had flaked off from on-going years. It was midnight, and the old grandfather clock could be heard ticking throughout the house, yet not another sound could be heard. Sighing sally arose from her bed, feet trailing behind. Nothing would ever be the same again, not since the incident. Shuddering at the thought, memories rushed by, filling the young girls head with fear. No, nothing would ever be the same.
Silently, sally walked down the stairs, remaining in the shadows. She had no idea why, but it felt safer this way. Reaching for a candle, she struck a match, then shaking it she watched the flame die away into nothing but smoke. Her mother used to help her down the stairs but… no she had to be brave. Wiping a single tear from her cheek, she cautiously continued down the stairs. Shadows took on sickening shapes, and it did nothing to help but let small screams echo from her pale lips.
Twisted trees that looked like hands wavered in the moonlight. Hurrying, the young lass jogged down the stairs, her hands shaking with fright. I made it, she thought looking behind. But will I make it back?
Lightning flickered outside, thunder slowly following in its wake. Harsh winds attacked the house, causing strange sounds to echo from deep within. What am I even doing? In truth no one knew. And there was only her. ‘Nooo!!’ screamed a voice. Instantly the memories flooded back. The blood, pain… and death. Too much for a young girl to take in. Yet somehow, only she knew she was alive. And only she knew that they were dead. Nobody cared to visit the house, they feared it. Sally once had friends, but they stopped visiting over time.
The torture of being a lone soul, trapped within this hell hole which was all she had left. It was all there was to keep her going. No friends, no family- just herself and the dark. Though why her- what had she ever done wrong?
In truth she didn’t know, and a part of her doubted she ever would. Little did she know how wrong she could be…

By Saalehahussain

I am currently a grade D in maths. I really like maths but for some reason I'm not good at it. I am thinking of studying accountancy in college but I need a grade b. plz help me my GCSE exams are in May, how can I improve

When do you normally start revising for exams?