why is the sky blue

Kelvin Denanyoh

I think it's something to do with the shorter wavelength of blue light meaning it gets deflected more easily

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jack harper

The above answer is right.

Sunlight is made up of lots of colours. As this light goes through the sky the blue part is seperated out more than the other colours and comes down and hits our eyes.....which see blue. Crazy eh??

Hope that helps :)

Tabitha Farrant

As the Sun gets lower in the sky, its light is passing through more of the atmosphere to reach you. Even more of the blue light is scattered, allowing the reds and yellows to pass straight through to your eyes.

Callum Overy


Star fairy Star fairy

There is no colour of sky its looking blue cuz of the reflect of sunlight

Star fairy Star fairy

The atmosphere has particles that scatter light. so particles that carry the same wavelength as that of blue light reflect blue light and also when we look overhead,there's a much blue colour than as you progress through the atmosphere on your way down which sees the white light going through more atmosphere and can almost see the whole spectrum.

Tafadzwa Maparara

colour is the invention of our brain,
i think that is why the sky look blue.

Heart Hero

during the day blue light is scattered more than red light

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In the year 2018, California Building Standards Commission approved a mandate that required all new homes under three stories to install residential solar panels. This first of its kind solar roof mandate in the United States will go into effect from 1st January, 2020.
This new mandate allows ground-breaking advancement of clean energy, promotes a variety of home energy efficiency upgrades and incentivizes energy storage that will mutually reduce the energy usage in new homes by more than 50%. However, there are various solar system requirements, deployment and financing options, flexibility measures, building process provisions, costs, maintenance responsibilities, and energy savings estimates within the updated building code that homeowners should be aware of.
System Requirements
California’s solar roof mandate is valid for new residential buildings, three stories tall and under. As per the mandate, the solar PV system must be large enough to net out the annual energy usage of the home in kilowatt-hours. So, depending on the location within the state and the house's energy efficiency, an average California homeowner should expect their solar energy system to be sized between 2.7 and 5.7 kilowatts (appx). In addition to solar, the mandate also encourages the deployment of battery storage and heat pump water heaters in newly built homes.
Flexibility Measures
This mandate includes a number of flexibility measures like the option for builders to deploy community solar rather than rooftop solar for new homes. Pursuing community solar for large-scale projects reduces labor costs for builders, but this may not be the most beneficial option for homeowners from a cost perspective. Right now, California’s regulations prevent homeowners from taking advantage of net metering while in a community solar arrangement.
Another flexibility measure allows potential exemptions from the mandate for homes where electricity rates are lower than the cost of solar power or where the roof cannot sustain solar panels due to shading or other reasons.
Solar Deployment & Financing
Builders do have the ability to pursue community solar instead of rooftop solar for residential buildings. But, builders who choose the rooftop route have multiple courses of action that they may take within that sector as well.
One option for builders is to request bids from and outsource projects to solar companies and general contractors. In this scenario, the builder can either permit homeowners to pay for the system upfront in cash, obtain a loan to pay for the system, or sign into a lease or else allow the project to be rolled into the overall price of the home and paid for through the mortgage.
Another option for the builders is to bring the solar process in-house and create their own solar division within the company. As per the mandate, financing options for homeowners would likely be similar to those available for outsourced projects.
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Consider These Questions Before You Go For Agricultural Solar Installation
Many farms and agricultural businesses are looking forward to solar to power their daily operations. Lately, the cost of going solar has declined significantly, which has enabled more installations across the country. If you are also thinking about agricultural solar installation, then you must consider these questions so as to determine what’s best for you and your farm.
Do agricultural solar installation contaminate the soil underneath?
The most widespread solar photovoltaic technology used these days, includes the silicon-based PV cells. Most of the solar panels have a glass front which protects] the PV cell and an steel or aluminium frame. According to the latest research, leaching of trace metals from modules is less likely to present a risk due to the sealed nature of the installed cells.
But some solar modules use cadmium telluride (CdTe) and cadmium compounds are toxic. As per studies, such compounds cannot be emitted from CdTe modules during normal operation or even during fires. Industrial ignition temperatures, which are much higher than grassfires, are required to release the compounds from the modules.
Does solar modules change the microclimate underneath the modules?
Are you are worried about if solar modules can worsen invasive species, fungal, nematode or other pest problems underneath? According to some studies on microclimate effects under solar modules, there is little to no average impact.
During the day, air temperatures tend to be cooler under the panels and warmer at night. Also, air temperature, crop temperature and humidity under the modules is similar to conditions of full sun. So far, there have been no studies that link solar development with pest problems, but studies have shown how native plants can thrive underneath solar installations.
Do agricultural solar installation heat up and dry out vegetation under the modules?
Agricultural solar modules actually cool the vegetation underneath during the day due to shading, and keep them warmer at night. As per researchers, these temperature differences cancel out, which means daily crop temperatures are similar under modules compared to full sun crops and there is no impact on crop growth rates.
Modules provide the ability to farmers to grow shade-tolerant crops and diversify crop selection, while extending growing seasons and reducing water requirements.

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