By Anonymous

I moved to Wales this week and im starting a new 6th form Im really nervous !! Has anyone got any advice or stores they can share to make me feel better about this as am so stressed :( x


I get nervous in new places too. being yourself is the best idea. I also read this article on S-cool about making friends which was helpful. Good luck!

Tabitha Farrant

Anyone got any advice on how to get a part time job really badly need money as I need to start saving for a holiday with my friends thanks matt


Hi Matt,
If you check out our articles we have several articles which give advice on CV writing, interview skills etc which are the necessary steps in gaining a part time job.
Also to locate part time jobs look try find retail parks, shopping malls, large retailers in your local area go to the info desk and ask which shops have vacancies most will have a list then begin to distribute a CV/application form to these businesses.
Hope this helps

Tabitha Farrant
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