By Heather Mason

i get really worried when i consider going to university, i don't was to leave my dog, rabbits and guinea pigs. My parents would look after them but i don't think that i will be able to cope not seeing them. I hate leaving them for a week or two when i go on holiday, let alone leaving them for months on end when i go to university! should i let this stop me ? what should i do?

By Anonymous

Hey peeps im reli in 2 minds about taking a gap year anyone have any advice ?? I really wanna go travelling the world but don't want it to affect my learning as I could forgot a lot in a year lol thx in advance xxx


Hi Danni, here is a link to our bridging the gap article I believe this will answer a lot of your questions.

Good luck

The s-cool team

Tabitha Farrant
When do you normally start revising for exams?