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This is a question in my revision pack and I am not fully understanding the Google answers. If you know the answer, please comment. Thanks :)

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I want that ICT(Information and communication Technology) should be included in IGCSE.
Its a new subject and very helpful!!! you can see it!!


HRF---> Can (cardiovascular fitness) My (Muscular Strength) Mom (Muscular Endurance) Father( Flexibility) Babies( Body Composition)
SRF----> ABC (agility, balance, co-ordination) SPR (speed, power, reaction time)
SMART( Goal settings) ---> specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound
Methods of Training -->WIFCCC (weight, interval, fartlek, circuits, cross training, continuous)
Factors Affecting Sport---> CHRISP (cultural, health, resources, image, social- economic, people)
EPPF( sports triangle) Elite, performance, participation, foundation
SPIRRO---> Specify, Progressive (overload- FITT) Individual difference, Rest/ Recovery, Reversibly
FITT--> Frequency, Intensity, Type , Time

OK, we're back to school & work now... how are you feeling?
Yeah, everything is pretty much back to normal.
Things are a bit weird, but it's better than I thought.
I'm neither happy nor unhappy about the situation.
I'm a bit worried about family and friends.
I'm not happy about being back at school.
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