By emmaldove_1

I have my second French writing GCSE coming up on the 3rd of November and my first one didn't go too well so I am wondering about what is the best way to learn my French writing? I need to learn around 11 paragraphs but each paragraph is one or two sentences and when typed up, only equal 2-3 lines.

By uceeet

Hi to everyone!
Can someone please check my essay? :)

J'aurais envie de visiter Montreal, parce je l'trouve intresant. Si j'allais au Montreal, je voudrais me promener dans les rues grandes et je voudrais decouvrir les architecture noveux. Aussi, j'aimerais visiter le Muséé des Beux-Arts.
Je allerais au Parc Montreal et peut-etre je visiterais le Café-Chats Heureux, malgré cela je n'aime pas les chats.

Mon destination idéale serait le Groenland. Je l'aimerais visiter.
C'est une ille grand, et je pense, que c'est completment différent.
Je decouvrirais les cultures noveux, qui est agreable, est aussi je decouvrirais le natur, qui est imprenable.
Mais je ne voudrais pas me trouver ici lontemps, parce je n'aime pas le foid et je ne saurais, que je faudrais ici.

Thanks in advance

By fffbbbbfff91

Hi, I'm having trouble identifying when I should use dont and ce dont. It is very hard for me to determine this. Also, in complex sentences, how will I know when to use ce qui/que or qui/que?

Thank you

By jahnavi.agarwal14

How do i get your membership?

By ibangryy

It was suggested to me to watch French shows to improve my French understanding and grammar skills, does anybody know any shows on television in the UK or any youtube channels/series that I could watch? And if so, could they be for, say 7+, as much as I like my ABCs, I don't really want to feel THAT much like a child. Also, listening to French songs was also suggested, anybody know of any good artists, preferably those who don't sing too fast? Thanks

By sukhdipg99

I am going to be writing to a Penpal in france. Please could you tell me what type of stuff i should include and how to say it? Thank You so much XXXX it is much appreciated :)

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