how does the brain work?


how does the brain work.i want to know in full details

This is very vague, and neuroscientists are still trying to answer that question now... If you want me to explain neuropathways and synapses I can do that...
A few starters: The hypothalamus is involved in regulation, the pituitary gland stores and releases hormones, the prefrontal cortex is associated with higher level brain function, personality etc. The amygdala is to do with the fight or flight response as it controls the feeling of fear. The midbrain and brain stem control automatic reflexes and primal desires/ urges such as breathing, hunger, the heartbeat, etc. The hippocampus controls memory storage...

Ezekiel Graubart

Well this is kind of very tricky to answer but I try to the best of my ability to answer this question. As content editor from it is the starting point of human intelligence. Thinks of your brain as the central processing unit just like a big processing unit in computer where all the operations and functions are controlled from that central place. Since every action human intend to do it receives from the senses and body and sends the information or message back to the body. The whole functionality works on the top of brain tissues which is made up nearly 100 billion cells also known as neurons with collaboration of other one trillion cells to stabilize the issues and over all nervous systems. Neurons are the main players behind the process and transmitting the information through a agile mechanism of electrical and chemical signals

Jessica Brown