By Brendan Lynch

Positive Reason - pronounce the 's' e.g. j'en veux pluS (I want more)
Negative reason - the 's' is silent e.g. j'en veux plus (I don't want any more)
To know whether a final letter should be pronounced or not, think about the CaReFuL rule. If a French word ends in C, R, F or L (the letters in CaReFuL), the final letter is pronounced.

Tabitha Farrant
OK, we're back to school & work now... how are you feeling?
Yeah, everything is pretty much back to normal.
Things are a bit weird, but it's better than I thought.
I'm neither happy nor unhappy about the situation.
I'm a bit worried about family and friends.
I'm not happy about being back at school.
Total votes: 643