How to allow Flash to run on S-cool

How to allow Flash to run on S-cool

Click the browser you use for specific instructions:

Google Chrome:

1. Go to 'Settings'.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the settings page and click the 'Advanced' text.


3. Find, 'Privacy and Security' -> 'Content settings'.


4. Now find 'Flash' from the list.


5.  Add to 'allowed websites'.


6. Reload the S-cool website and the previously hidden content should be there.


Microsoft Edge:

1. In the search bar that contains the URL of this page, click the 'i' in the circle at the start of the search bar and 'Allow Adobe Flash'

2. Refresh the page and the content should appear, thank you!


Mozilla Firefox:

Sadly, Mozilla Firefox is phasing out the use of Flash player and you can no longer see our Flash content through newer versions. To combat this, we kindly ask you to use another browser like Chrome or Edge until we update our content to be friendly with Firefox again. Thank you.



To see our content on your Apple device please click this link and follow the instructions here: