Use Marks as Guidance

Use Marks as Guidance

Exam Ready Week


Day 3.

When you're in an exam, it's important to look at how points a question carries. As a rule of thumb each point equates to a point: so if it's a 4 mark question you need to make 4 points, although 5 would be ideal in case. Make sure you are not too brief on high point questions nor too detailed on the low point questions, otherwise you will be wasting valuable time.

Assessing the potential marks is also a good way to mentally account for how much time you need for each question. This will help you to break your time up into chunks and know where to put most of your focus during the exam.

Quick Tips for maximising your marks:

  • Plan before you write. Although time constraints can be stressful it’s important to brainstorm a mini-plan on tackling the questions before you jump in.
  • Underline the main key words in the question
  • Make sure you read and re-read each question and actually answer the question with relevant points. A common complaint from markers is that the question was not properly answered.
  • Choose a few examples and case study details to help maximise out marks.

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