Understanding Issues, Debates And Approaches For Psya3 & Psya4

Understanding Issues, Debates And Approaches For Psya3 & Psya4

One of the most crucial elements for scoring into the top bands, especially for Psya3 is using issues, debates and approaches (IDA’s) as part of your evaluative commentary. The specification specifically states you cant score in the top band without adding these in your answers for the Psya3 paper so each one of your three essay topics must include these. I would recommend at least two in each essay answer as a minimum although three is ideal.

To make things super easy for the readers of S-Cool and Loopa.co.uk I have created this cheat sheet and a word that will help you in the exams if you get stuck for evaluative commentary:

The following video also explains in detail how you apply this within the exam:

To summarise; you remember the word GRENADE.

The word is an acronym with each letter representing an issue, debate or approach you can add into your evaluation:

G = Gender Bias R= Reductionism E= Ethical Issues N=Nature/Nurture A=Animal Studies D=Determinism E=Ethnocentrism/Euro Centrism

When writing your essays and stuck for more evaluation points, recall the word GRENADE and try working through each letter and see if it can be applied anywhere as part of your commentary.

This diagram above will help you think of the right questions to ask yourself for each letter which you then form into commentary:

For Psya4 Issues, debates and approaches are not absolutely necessary to score into the top band however they still score marks if used and are incredibly useful for when you get stuck for more evaluation points. Therefore this method can also be applied for unit 4 and I believe even the first two units as easy ways to score AO2/AO3 evaluation points.

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By Saj Devshi

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