Top Teacher Award Winner

Top Teacher Award Winner

Congratulations to Top Teacher Samantha from Southmoor Academy in Sunderland who won the award as nominated by one of her pupils, Conner. Here is what Connor said:

"I think that my amazing teacher should win the best teacher in the UK because she helps the pupils who want to get help. Every time she gives us homework there are drop in sessions every day at the school. She comes into the school at 7:00 so that we can come in and do any work and revision we want to. She came in early to help us revise for our three mock exams.

I always learn things in her class because she makes learning a pleasure because she will help us with the work that she has set for us to do. Also, she is the most organised teacher in the school because we do homework and she marks it over the weekend and if we have corrections to do.

The way that she communicates with us is that she emails us the work we need to correct and the deadline for the corrections to do. Over Easter she is putting revision lessons so that we can be prepared for the upcoming A-level Exams that we have to study for and she is putting a revision day in the half term before the exams. I hope she wins."

Congratulations Samantha and Conner! 

Many other teachers around the country were also submitted for the Top Teacher Award.

Lauren from John Willmott School in Sutton Coldfield nominated her teacher Ms Patel. "Always helpful and will go out of her way to help her classes (and others) no matter how busy she is. Every single lesson is organised, no matter what, and as well as teaching us what we need to learn she gives us different revision methods. In her classes we always stay up to date with work. Before exams (even just end of topic tests) she will always put on revision classes that suit the needs of pupils attending."

Tara from St James Catholic high school in Colindale nominated her teacher, Miss Kale.

"Miss Kyle is the best because she devotes all her time to her students. She is there day or night to offer help and guidance, makes study guides to help her students revise and puts massive effort into each and every lesson. As well as this she never gives up on any of her students no matter who they are."

There were many other submissions. Thank you to everyone.