Tips to choosing A levels

Tips to choosing A levels

Choosing which A levels to take can have consequences on the rest of your educational life so thinking it through is highly advised.

The first stop is to take some careers advice because the A level subjects you choose will have a bearing on what you can study at University and ultimately, your career.

Speak to your head of sixth form or tutors and be sure to take the right subjects from the start as this could become a problem later on. Of course there is a chance that you may well have a change of heart later and decide you want to do something else but right now you should weigh up your options, try to make the right decision and then stick with it.

If you’re unsure of a career path, you can do some research at the local library or online to see what might interest you. You could brainstorm with friends or family; write a list of possible jobs, as well as the subjects that really excite you.

There are career tests online which match personality types to careers:

Of course it is really important that you enjoy the subjects you choose, otherwise it will be even harder work and you will most likely get bored, possibly not do very well and end up stressed. Being enthusiastic about what you do is a key ingredient to doing well, so choose carefully.

Research the syllabuses for any new subjects that are been offered by your sixth form or college to avoid disappointment if they turn out to not be what you’re expecting. You can download the syllabus from the school/college website.

Be aware that some top Universities blacklist particular ‘A level’ subjects that they consider too soft. Subjects such as media studies, health and social care, performing arts, accounting and business studies have been targeted by some Universities naming them as are "less effective" preparation for degrees. So if you think you will be applying to Universities such as Cambridge, UCL or St Andrews it is worth finding out more directly from the University.

Good luck in choosing you’re a level subjects!

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