S-cool Student Election Poll

S-cool Student Election Poll

S-cool Election PollsIn a recent Poll on the UK’s leading revision website, S-cool Revision, GCSE and A-level students were asked who they wanted to see win in the General Election.

‘As some would not be allowed to vote yet we decided to just ask the basic question; who would you rather win? It makes interesting reading,’ said S-cool CEO Judge Singh.

Labour are currently leading at 32% of the Poll, followed by Conservatives at 19%, UKIP and the Don’t Care vote shared third place at 15% with the Green Party following at 12%. The Liberal Democrats only received 5% with 2% for other parties.

The poll doesn’t correlate with the national polls which typically show the two largest parties, Labour and Conservative within a few points of each other. It also shows bigger support for the UKIP and Green parties.


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