Last minute Revision Hacks

Last minute Revision Hacks

So, exams are well under way and there is a lot of feverish last minute revision going on as students across the country try to get through this challenging time.

We hope you are winning. Meanwhile here are some last minute revision hacks that may help…

You will have to establish exactly which gaps in your knowledge need covering and get laser focused on those areas. (Previous exam papers) Also be aware of what you do already know so as not to waste time.

Use mnemonics

This is an acronym for ‘ Make Names Easily Memorable by Organising Nominated Initial Characters.’

For example, reciting the planets from the sun:

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

might be something like:

Mary Volted Eric's Mare Juggling Satsumas Used Near Paris

We’re sure you could do better so have a bit of a laugh making up your own!

Cheat Sheets

Focus on creating cheat sheets that contain bite sized notes, diagrams and visual references and mnemonics so it's not just loads of text. Writing cheat sheets themselves will help you remember those hard to remember factoids.

Test and Quiz yourself

Facts that need to be memorised could be written down in a left hand column as a question with the answer on the right. For example:

When was the Battle of Hastings? | October 14th 1066

You can then cover up the answers column with a sheet and test yourself.

Talk Aloud

Without wanting you to look like a mad person speaking out your revision aloud really does help you memorise it. You are 50% more likely to remember something if you read it out as opposed to just reading it. This is probably one technique to try when alone at home rather than in public.

Teaching others

Teaching others is a great way to learn and memorise your revision notes. It’s all about pretending to be the teacher, explaining topics and main points to your student, whether that’s one of your friend, parents or even the dog. (Just don’t let anyone catch you speaking to the dog!)