How to find your passion (and a job you love)

How to find your passion (and a job you love)

We all want a job we love, one that lets us wake up every morning with a smile on our face eager to get the day started. It is a bit more difficult to figure out what this job actually is and, crucially, how to get it.

You should be building the foundation of this as early as possible, making the job hunt a little easier once you are out of school and looking to kick off in the workplace.

Do some research

What are some career ideas that grab your interest? Write them down and start looking for more information. Your school library and the internet are sure to have mountains on information on the job and industry you are interested in, and you can then narrow down the list as you find pros and cons. You will also be able to see what employers are looking for and the usual ways to enter the industry.

Try different things

Remember that it is not impossible to change careers if you have ended up somewhere you do not want to be. This is important as it allows you to put a bit less pressure on finding your ‘dream job’ right off the bat.

Get a taste of your potential future job while you are at school if you can. Volunteering, internships, etc are excellent ways of trying out a career without signing up for it completely - and they look fantastic on your CV.

Don’t be afraid to try

To build on the idea of trying different things - do not be afraid to try. If you want to get a certain job, there might be people telling you that you can’t or shouldn’t. Don’t listen to this - you do not want to wake up 50 years from now wishing you had tried to make it as a journalist. Life is made for doing many different things and finding out which ones you like.

Money comes second

When your first priority is to get a job you have a real passion for, money has to come second. This obviously depends on the role you are hoping for, however chances are you might have to focus on making your way without a large salary as you establish yourself in your chosen industry. Money should follow as your career grows.

Find people who know

A social network is unbelievably valuable when you are trying to start your career. Try to find teachers that know about the industry you are hoping to enter and ask all the questions you can think of, speak to friends of your parents or parents of your friends - try to be in contact with a few people who know the ins and outs of your chosen career. This way you have real-life knowledge and a support network should you need a new job or have concerns.

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