Breaking up your revision

Breaking up your revision

Revision WeekDay 4.

It may sound obvious but many people often make this mistake!

Many students think they can revise for three hours straight and cram in all the information. This will simply not work. You will get bored and frustrated and your brain will not be able to process all that information! The most effective way is to revise regularly and often.

The best way is to break up your revision time into small chunks of 20 minute work sessions, with ten minutes break. That way your brain has been given the space to absorb the information, keep you interested and prevent boredom.


Scientists have been claiming continuously for over 30 years that taking breaks improves your memory, as we remember more from the beginning and end of any learning session.

memory efficiency

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How long is your ideal revision session?











Your Revision Tips

Dump test. Spend 60 seconds dumping everything you know about a specific topic on a piece of paper. After doing this, spend 15-20 minutes revising the topic in any way you want. Go back to the dump text, on another piece of paper and in another colour pen write down everything you just learnt in 60 seconds. I noticed a lot of improvements :)



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