Are you LinkedIn?

Are you LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals and career minded individuals who are looking to connect with potential employers or other people in the same industry. As in many other aspects of life it is mostly down to ‘who you know’ and your working life is no different. The network has over 400 million users and over 3 million companies with over 39 million members being students and recent college graduates

Bear in mind LinkedIn is not meant to be a fun social network like Facebook or Instagram but it can be exciting in terms of making career changing contacts. Although LinkedIn will never replace ‘face to face’ networking and actually meeting people, it is a great online connection hub to start climbing your career ladder. Even if you’re not entirely sure what you want to do it’s a good idea to set up a profile and start connecting.

Here are some tips to help you get started...

  1. Choose a Professional picture. But not one of you from Instagram messing around!
  2. Use your C.V as a base for the content of your profile but think about the types of jobs that you ‘want’ to do and make sure this comes across in your content and keywords.
  3. Highlight any voluntary work, work experience and hobbies to make you stand out from the crowd
  4. Upload your updated C.V. If an employer or recruiter wants to know more about you make it easy for them.
  5. Comment on other people’s shares in a constructive way so people notice you
  6. You can apply for jobs on LinkedIn, so follow the companies you are interested in.
  7. Ask for referrals and testimonials. These will improve the credibility of your profile no end!

Good luck!