Adventurous travelling ideas for students

Adventurous travelling ideas for students

Summer is here and if you are the kind of student who doesn’t like to just lie on the beach and stare artefacts in a museum, the below list of adventurous ideas will suit your taste. These ideas are perfect way to travel around the UK, whether you are the one in charge of planning a family holiday or a quick road trip with friends.

Mountain biking in Wales

Mountain biking in Wales offers plenty of speed and fantastic scenes. You can find organised routes across the region, from long distance trips with an overnight stay to short bursts of speed and endurance. If you’re used to cycling, you can also just go on a tour with your friends.

The Mountain Biking Wales website is the perfect place to find out more about planning the trip, booking a stay for your trip, as well as checking out organised mountain biking events. You can also find a great selection of routes according to their difficulty at, or read about the Top 10 Bike Trails here on

Motor safari in Cheshire

If you aren’t excited to get all sweaty on your adventure trip, you could opt to drive some proper vehicles at the motor safari in Cheshire. The experience provider offers a range of fun and exhilarating drives – you can either have a professional guide to drive you around or even have the family book their own vehicle for the courses. You can also race around in quad bikes!

The location has accommodation available for a short break as well. If you want to experience a fun day out with your friends before you all head to different universities and schools, the team building day packages are super exciting!

Digging up artefacts

Adventurous holiday’s don’t necessarily need to involve just speed and crazy sports, you can also get the adrenaline running by making the archaeological discovery of the century! There are numerous opportunities all across the UK to get involved with treasure hunting.

Digging up artefacts is a lot more fun than simply walking around a dusty museum. You’ll get to spend time outdoors with your friends, and learn about the history of the country at the same time.

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge about archaeology to get involved. Check out the site for information on where and when you can get involved.

Setting sails in Devon

The sea has lured in adventurers throughout human history and the open ocean definitely offers a unique experience. You’ll see the world differently after you’ve been lying on top of a yacht watching the blue sky and sea for the first time.

While there are plenty of ways to get involved, Devon is among the best destinations for a sailing adventure. Devon Sailing organises a number of different sailing tours from fun cruises to daily sailing experiences.

Canoeing along the Severn

If you’d like your water experience to be a little more confined, you could take a canoe trip along the river Severn. There are even organised canoe trips along the river that let you get back to your starting point aboard an old steam train! The more adventurous types can even do a two-day trip, camping outdoors for the night. Find more information from the UK’s Canoeing website.

The above adventures are ideal for having a bit of fun. You also won’t need to spend a fortune – find your safety gear & mini-holiday packages for cheap by redeeming the vouchers available on VoucherBin. For more details on budget travel tips check Telegraph’s guide.

A mini-break from your studies can do wonders for your mood and motivation. So, don’t forget to take the occasional break and get your mind out of those books!