5 Tips to Getting ready for Clearing Day

5 Tips to Getting ready for Clearing Day

S-cool Clearing CampaignAfter two years of study and weeks of nail biting students will get their results that will either confirm a first or second choice place at University, or herald in the start of Clearing.

Clearing is the time when students who have not managed the grades to be accepted by their first choice University, can approach other Universities directly to discuss their options. It starts as soon as A level results are out and can run all the way into October and even later!

If you didn’t get the grade for your first choices of universities, it’s not the end of the world. Take a positive approach to Clearing and there is no reason why things won’t work out and you’ll end up at a great university.

It’s up to you to find a University. You can use Uni-find to search Universities and courses by map, scorecard or basic search. If they have vacancies they will take your details or even give you a decision straight away.

Here are five tips to clearing.

1. Be available on Clearing day

Make sure you have the clearing date marked in your calendar and leave the following week free of commitments as clearing can sometimes take a while to sort out all the details.

2. Prepare and research now

Research your preferred universities and courses and file away the info. Then if a course you like appears on the clearing list you will be ready to move quickly. Take note of course codes to save time so you don’t find yourself panicking and searching the internet on clearing day! Be ready!

3. Know your details (grades, UCAS etc.)

It doesn’t always come down to your A-levels. Sometimes AS and GCSE results might be considered. You should also make sure you have these and your UCAS number to hand.

4. Bookmark UCAS track & other sites

Make sure you can easily access UCAS Track and any other websites you might need during clearing.  Make a note of your UCAS Track login details, or it’ll just be another hurdle to get panicky over. 

5. Hustle the phone

Made your shortlist on Uni-find? Get their contact list phone numbers saved on your phone so you are ready to call.

Record the phone call if you think you’re going to have trouble recalling details. There are many apps available.

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