5 Tips for Revising on the Christmas Holidays

5 Tips for Revising on the Christmas Holidays

Make no mistake, for most people revising over Christmas is harder than moving the Grand Canyon. Getting the text books out after all that turkey, pudding and mince pies? Not to mention the endless movies that need watching. Nevertheless if you want to succeed in passing your exams next year it’s recommended that you put some time in.

So here’s our quick guide and tips to dealing with procrastination and easing the pain…

#1 Get out and about

In winter the nights are long and even a small amount of daylight can have a positive effect on your mood, releasing a hormone called serotonin. This hormone is associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel calm and focused.

So be the guy/gal who gets up a bit earlier to catch the daylight and volunteer to pop to the shops or take a walk. Being stuck in the house is most likely going to make it hard to study with family around so why not take off for a café or library to put the revision time?

#2 Revision games

Why not shelve the board games and make your revision into a quiz or create some simple flash / revision cards? Rope the whole family into your quagmire of knowledge and write a list of question and answers by subject which should get the brain working and you’ll also get them to share your pain.

#3 Make Plans

It’s essential to plan out your Christmas revision because it is inevitable that socialable events, family and friends visits, fave epic movies and general downtime will be part of the holiday.

Use a timetable to plan out your time so that you can get revision slots set aside. If you find a few hours here and there isn’t working then consider whole revision days (with small breaks every 20-30 minutes of course). Block out the day/days, tell everyone in your household to ‘back off’, turn off Facebook, snapchat and all the other distractions and get blitzing!

Hint: December 30th or 31st might be good days to try as most people will be taking it easy with New Year’s Eve looming.

# 4 Reward yourself with a Crimbo carrot

Having a reward waiting at the end of your revision sessions can really light a fire in terms of motivation. Write yourself a list of rewards against each item of revision you do – so a mince pie, a chocolate or a yule log. Be aware that you could easily pile on the calories if you’re hitting all your targets so you could also mix up the rewards to include a trip to the cinema, meeting a friend or something else that is not eating J.

#5 Get creative with revision notes

Colourful notes are much easier to remember than black and white and can help you associate and recall facts that much easier. You could also boil down your bigger notes into smaller and smaller notes.

Rewriting your notes from classes and lectures will also really help you remember details. You can then sum up the main information in condensed bullet points and sentences on coloured cards.






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