The Accession of Mary Tudor

The Accession of Mary Tudor

The Accession of Mary Tudor

CSL Davies calls the accession of Mary Tudor "the only successful rebellion in Tudor England".

Mary became Queen despite:

  1. Being barred from the throne by Edward VI's 'devices'.
  2. The fact that council had consented to Jane Grey as Queen.
  3. Northumberland's march on Suffolk (where she was staying).
  4. An earlier kidnap attempt.

Mary's reception into the capital was no less than triumphant.

What did this mean? Did it mean that the people of London put legitimate succession above religious policy, or did they just have a sense of 'fair play' (N Heard).

Did the religious legislation of the previous twenty years mean nothing to them, or did they believe that Mary would not dare risk a complete counter-reformation?

For whatever reason the people of London, and elsewhere genuinely rejoiced at the arrival of their new Queen.