Exam-style Questions: Henry VII

1. What was the most significant threat to Henry's reign, 1485 - 1509?


Answer outline and marking scheme for question: 1

As with any essay question in history you must answer using the three-step process, which should be very familiar to you.

Always make your introductions short and punchy. Make your conclusions straightforward and very convincing in the light of the evidence that you have provided.

It's the discussion section that needs the most thought and planning.

To brainstorm your answer to this question, try to use the Diamond-9 grid. This grid is excellent for trying to evaluate issues or events in an order of importance, as in this case.

But first you need to come up with a list of threats to his reign:

  • Perkin Warbeck
  • Lambert Simnel
  • Former Yorkist supporters
  • Burgundy
  • Scotland
  • The Cornish rising

The next step is to make sure that you substantiate your ideas with evidence. For this reason, try using the following table to plan your paragraphs

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