General writing

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General writing

These could be comprehension questions or translations, mini-essays or summaries of texts.

They could be asking for your opinion or simply asking for information from a text or both.

Again: make sure you know what to do! (Remember marks, word limits, do what you can do well...)

The priority here is to get your message across so that a native speaker would understand exactly what you are saying. Probably half the marks are given for conveying the content, so don't assume you won't get any marks if the French is quite simple. Don't try to write sophisticated French, trip yourself up and fail to answer the question. It is better to keep it in straightforward French and get your message across. If you're able to do the task accurately using sophisticated French, all the better!

General writing

Use vocabulary and structures that you know well, especially if you're asked to develop something further. You then can choose how to go about this. You are asked to convey the meaning, not do a word-for-word translation so the fact that you don't know some words may not be the end of the world. You may not actually need that word or may be able to get around it. Look at the 'Vocabulary' Learn-It in Preparation and Technique.

There will be certain phrases that you use throughout your A-Level course that you can use to help structure written work. Look at the 'Essays' Learn-It for more advice on this.