A worked example

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A worked example

Écoutez passage numéro 1 et répondez à la question suivante.

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Qui a reçu le Prix Nobel de la Paix en 1998? (2 marks)

Question in French so answer in French.

First word of the question tells you what you're listening for - qui so you need either a name or some title or description - for example: two French politicians.

Specifically states 1998 so if more than one year is mentioned get the right one.

...de la Paix - so if more than one prize is mentioned, must listen for the peace prize.

Two marks awarded so it is likely to be two details - for example, David Cameron(1), Prime Minister of Britain (2) or Bill Clinton (1) for his work with the Middle East (2), etc. You're unlikely to get two marks just for two actual names.

Now scroll back to the question above, listen to the recording and see if you can do it.

The question above was a straightforward question to start with and there are usually a few of these at the beginning of each paper, often involving such things as numbers, dates, weather forecasts and short adverts. Try the passages in the questions section for a wider range of questions.