Poetic Voice

Poetic Voice

Before you can write about any poem you need to consider the following three questions:

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Poems are written for different reasons. There are many different techniques which poets use:

Is the poem directed to a specific character? Is it narrating an incidentor is the poet reflecting on an issue? Is the poet exploring their own thoughts?

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How do you think the poet wanted the poem to be read?

Much poetry is written to be read out loud. How should the poem be read?

Is it

  • a rap,
  • a ballad,
  • an elegy,
  • a lyric,
  • reflective,
  • persuasive,
  • rhythmic,
  • conversational?

Poems are written in many different ways. Very simply, you should consider if the poem is written in the first or third person. For example, is the poet writing the poem using "I", or acting as the narrator.

If the poet has written the poem in the first person, you need to consider whether the poet is writing their own ideas directly or taking on the role of another character. Also, the poem may express different points of view and voices in different stanzas.

  • How many different voices are there in the poem?
  • Do you associate more closely with one of the voices? If so, why?
  • Does the poem directly ask the reader questions or do you feel that the poet is challenging their own ideas in the poem?
  • Does the poet want you to feel a certain way or are they looking for you to answer a question?