Use of Imagery

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Use of Imagery

In your exam, you may come across two poems that have been chosen specifically because of their use of imagery.

This may be because they use very similar images, or because they use the same subject matter but present it using very different imagery.

  • What images do the poets use?
  • Have the poets used similar images but in different ways?
  • If the poets are writing about similar themes, how does their choice of imagery influence the reader's thoughts about the theme? For example is one image depressing but the other romantic?
Use of Imagery
  • Sometimes poets write about the same subject but use completely differentimages. What does this tell you about their social and cultural context?
  • Does the choice of images in each poem complement each other or do they suggest different and opposing viewpoints?
  • Have both poets used similar or different techniques: conceit, metaphor, simile, extended metaphor, symbolism, and figurative language?

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