Structure and Form of Poem

Structure and Form of Poem

Perhaps the most obvious thing to consider when looking at two poems is their structure and form.

By simply looking at the way the two poems are laid out on the page, you can make observations about their structure.

The appearance of a poem on the paper is very important.

Use this as a way into writing about structure and form. Writing about the structure and form of the poem will help you to get good marks. It shows that you understand that you are writing about poetry and not prose.

Sometimes the exam will contain two poems with the same form. For example, two sonnets or two elegies.

If this is the case, it is vital that you think about how and why the poets have used this form.

  • Do they approach the same form in different ways and with different effects?
  • Have the poets used the form to portray different ideas? Do their ideas conflict with each other?
  • Has one of the poets used the form in a different and unusual way?

Although the two poets may have used the same form, there is likely to be many differences and similarities between the way they have used them.

Poets may use different structures and forms in order to consider the same issue.

  • Why do you think each poet has chosen a particular form? What does that form offer the poet?
  • Do you notice different merits in the poems because of their different choice of form?
  • Does one of the poems lack something because of the choice of form?
Structure and Form of Poem