Key Scenes

Key Scenes

Act 1 from: 'Griselda: Walter found it hard to believe I loved him...' to 'Griselda: I do think - I do wonder - it would have been nicer if Walter hadn't had to'.

What are the issues presented in this section? How does the way in which language is used reflect the characters' ways of thinking?

Act 2 Scene 1, from Jeanine: 'I'm saving to get married? 'Marlene: I think you could make me believe it if you put your mind to it'.

What do we learn about Marlene and her values in this exchange between her and Jeanine?

Act 2 Scene 2, from: 'Angie: I think I'm my aunt's child. I think my mother's really my aunt'... to 'Angie: I put on this dress to kill my mother'.

How are the problems between Angie and Joyce presented in this extract from the play?

Act 2 Scene 3, from 'No, but I always want the tough ones when I see them. Hang onto them.' to 'We'd rather it was you than Howard...'.

Describe the values that are involved in this conversation between Win, Nell and Marlene.

Act 3, from 'Marlene: I left home, so what, I left home. People do leave home / it is normal' to 'Joyce: everyone's always crying in this house. Nobody takes any notice'.

What are the tensions in this section of Top Girls?

Act 3, from 'Marlene: so what's this about you and Frank?' to 'Angie: frightening'      

What are the issues at stake between Marlene and Joyce? How is Angie's reaction at the end of the play significant in relation to this family?