S-Cool Revision Summary

S-Cool Revision Summary

Ways of Seeing:

It is a love story, Fanny and Edmund overcoming obstacles of family, other attachments and demonic temptations before finding love and marriage in a rectory; it is a satire on Regency England, holding the inconstancy and playfulness of London, as represented by the Crawfords, up to ridicule; it is a plea for peace, a deeply conservative attack on the vigour of the 'improvers'; it is a tale of a social climber, Fanny, who coats her own desires in the language of piety; or perhaps it is even a sustained attack on poor parenting.


Copyright S-cool a pious, good-natured girl who suffers everything without a murmur
Copyright S-cool is the living, breathing representative of Mansfield Park - orderly and righteous
Copyright S-cool unbearably self-righteous killjoy
Copyright S-cool is an insipid character with no spark or imagination
Copyright S-cool an exceptionally strong sense of duty
Copyright S-cool considerate and kind, especially in his care of Fanny
Copyright S-cool dull, dull, dull - and with no apparent sense of humour
Copyright S-cool falls for Mary, who is clearly very wrong for him
Copyright S-cool clever and witty, with sparkling conversation
Copyright S-cool full of life and energy
Copyright S-cool a corrupted representative of London licentiousness
Copyright S-cool as shallow as a paddling pool
Copyright S-cool charming and witty, with a way of making everyone love him
Copyright S-cool falls for Fanny - and is improved by his courtship of her
Copyright S-cool fundamentally amoral
Copyright S-cool represents all that is dangerous in the world of that time
Copyright S-cool is a dedicated 'improver'
Maria and Julia
Copyright S-cool foolish young women who are easily seduced
Copyright S-cool uncaring towards Fanny
Copyright S-cool selfish and with no sense of duty - either moral or familial
Sir Thomas
Copyright S-cool upright and moral man who wants the best for his family
Copyright S-cool allows his daughters and his eldest son to become dissolute, with no sense of morality
Copyright S-cool far too distant from his children to understand them
Mrs Norris
Copyright S-cool an odious, interfering busybody

Major Areas of Study

Improvement... Love and Money...
The Theatricals... Sotherton...
Portsmouth... London versus Mansfield Park...
Duty, duty, duty...  

Sample Questions

In what ways does the trip to Sotherton prepare the reader for the dramatic events later in the novel?

To what extent might Fanny Price be described as a truly Christian heroine?

How are the Crawfords presented as dangers to the world of Mansfield Park?

Discuss the importance of the house at Mansfield Park in the novel.

In what ways is Fanny's stay in Portsmouth important to our understanding of the novel?