Character Summary (new)

Character Summary (new)

Victor Frankenstein

The Creature

Robert Walton

The De Lacey's and Safie, Clerval, Elizabeth and Justine all possess likeable, as well as admirable, human qualities. Their stories and the parts they play provide a relief to the unrelenting hatred and violence of the main plot. Clerval offsets Victor as a man of finer sensibilities. Elizabeth, Justine and Safie provide a counter-balancing softness to the harshness of Victor's blind will. Each woman also possesses a moral courage in defending either their own interests, or the interests of others.

The only black mark - and this is debatable - is the violence with which Felix De Lacey attacks the creature. Felix's fear for the safety of his household clearly unhinges him, but the episode is ironic and pitiful - not merely vicious.