S-Cool Revision Summary

S-Cool Revision Summary

Ways of seeing

It is a horror story in which an alien creature takes his revenge on the human race. It is also a romantic's protest against the omnipotence of science and a far-sighted worry on the perils of a one-sided progress. As its subtitle - The Modern Prometheus - implies it may be seen as re-working and updating of classical myth. However, you wish to see Frankenstein is a good read if you enjoy 'thrillers' with a serious point.


Victor Frankenstein
Copyright S-cool A talented, generally sensitive man, willing to share his knowledge with the world.
Copyright S-cool Too absorbed in the making of his creation to think about the consequences.
The Creature
Copyright S-cool Innocent in his nature. Only turns evil after being abandoned and rejected.
Copyright S-cool Takes a savage revenge on the innocent.
Robert Walton
Copyright S-cool Thoughtful, generous and caring towards others.
Copyright S-cool Submissive. Was over-awed by Victor Frankenstein.

Major areas of study



The De Laceys

Family relationships


Sample questions

By referring to at least two characters, discuss the importance of benevolent action in Frankenstein.

What does the creature owe to the De Lacey family?

In which ways does nature enhance the dramatic action of Frankenstein?

In which instances is resolution presented in a good light?

Does Victor Frankenstein ever truly behave as if he belonged to his own family?