Tastes and Smells

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Tastes and Smells

For instance, whenever I smell rubber a very unpleasant experience of visiting the school dentist unfolds in my head. As a child he would arrive once a year with his portable surgery and set up in the local school hall. Everything about him smelt of rubber from his chair to the mask he used to anaesthetise his victims!

He used to sterilise his instruments in a metal dish placed on top of a primus stove. For me rubber brings back memories of nervousness, Stress, creaky floorboards, draughts, pink methylated spirits, shiny metal, corrugated tin, boiling water, steaming implements, grey days, green paint, reflections - powerful tools for creativity because these memories are many years old and they are brought to mind vividly with one smell.

You could create a mind plan for similar memories to open up routesfor creative activity.

Experiment with your own mind-plan taking a starting point from any one of your senses. There are no limits and everyone's experiences are unique. The gaps in your routes outward will hopefully pinpoint where extra-information and research is required.