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When we go out to schools and colleges talking to young people about their future careers, quite often we hear the same problem, so many school leavers don’t know what they want to do in the future, and they don’t know who to ask for help.

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Revision Memory Hacks

A fundamental part of revision is using your memory. Research from Professor John Dunlovsky, Kent State University, published in Psychological Science in the Public Interest advocates a distributive practice, spreading out study over time, with a good dose of cramming before the exam.

By Morgan Smith

I am taking my gcse's in two months and I am confident with most subjects other than maths.


There is a whole revision tips section in the "What's new" area. Some top students have put up their top revision tips and students have found this really helpful.
Hope it helps :)

Tabitha Farrant


By shipherz Ebrahim

cause of fall in international competitiveness of uk


labour unit cost is high

shipherz Ebrahim

high inflation rate

shipherz Ebrahim

The change in exchange rates could also have a very large affect on international competitiveness too.
Hope that helps :)

Tabitha Farrant


By Parishi Pabari

I am looking for questions on Enthalpy. Cannot see them. Can somebody help?


Enthalpy is in the chemical-energetics sections.
I'm afraid there is no question bank, but you can register to download your FREE revision summary.
Hope that helps :)

Tabitha Farrant


By Dabee Sasmita

Hey There !
Don't you have ATP revisions notes for biology ?

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‘We’ve been keen to provide a cleaner experience for our student audience for some time and we are very excited to have launched the new site,’ said Judge Singh, CEO of S-cool. ‘Membership will continue to stay free, for now,’ he added.

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