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how do i log out of s-cool website ????


You can see the logout button in the right side under the revise quicker and just click it to logout.

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michael jones

you don't sweaty xx

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By Polly Tam

Can any one help with the following question, please. Thanks!


a. The calculation can be done using the equation on the link below:
b. radioactive decay is a statistical calculation, so the bigger the numbers, the more accurate it is. The half life of 14C is very long, so the calculation is very sensitive to small changes
c. Pb has a much shorter life, so will be more accurate
Hope that helps :)

Tabitha Farrant




bob geldof

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Dorothy Goode

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By Ryan Hitching

can someone explain to me how electrolysis works


yea it work cause of MY MUM

jareth s

jareth i really need help with this

Ryan Hitching

because i struggle with it

Ryan Hitching

electrolysis is simple.first of all you have to undertand that lysis means splittin .
this occurs mainly in ionic or molten ionic substanses like lead (2)bromide or sodium chloride where there is a metal and a gas
you already know that their is an anode and a cathode
when such a substance is passed through electric current,(it conducts electricity due to MOBILE ions not delocalized electrons)it is decomposed and splitted.....into the respective metal and gas ie.lead and bromine...a brown substance will form at the anode while a grey substance is formed at the cathode.because lead(2)bromide acts as an electrolyte hence free or mobile ions, lead ions gain electrons to form lead and bromine ions lose electrons to form bromine....I hope I helped you

abby gee lim

Jack Flynn

Hope I could help you in this regard but I don't like chemistry too. That's why I didn’t choose science subjects just because of this one subject and have complete my matriculation within arts subjects. Still, I am glad which I have done this is really nice for me and my future. Thank you for sharing detail about here.

Ellison Ellison


By alvin kamufumu

a) explain in detail how an increase in government expenditure may lead to an increase in nationa


a) It might be so because when government starts to spend, it usually spends on infrastructure of the country building roads, schools and hospitals. When they start doing so, it provides job and income to thousands of workers who would construct them. Plus,if they are schools or hospitals, they would provide further jobs for teachers or doctors. They would all get paid and aggregate demand would increase,and producers producing consumer goods would increase their production due to higher demand which would again increase the output of the country, hence national income

Filzah Najeeb


By nanu mazi

compare the roles of mRNA and tRNA

By April Lawrence

25cm^3 of phenol solution was treated with 25cm^3 aqueous bromine


I think the Br atom being replaced by other group (i.e. Phenol). See this link for more info.
Hope that helps :)

Tabitha Farrant

Education is the main factor today number of websites are available online which are having subject related information for the public. Chemistry is the important subject and the number of students is having a great interest in this subject. That link would have informative information for the students who needs the solution of this problem.

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By trissara jones

what does corrosive mean in chemistry?


it can burn/case harm to the skin

Dayo Alade

thanks! I feel really stupid now!

trissara jones

Hey do buffer solutions work?

Tafadzwa Maparara

A buffer solution is a solution the pH of which does not change significantly when a small amount of acid or base is added to it.


Tabitha Farrant

What is a base

georgia mcdonough

Aniruddha Jaydeokar



I know there are many photoreceptors on our retina , why are there many more neurones allocated o



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