By Reed Gibson

List of 10 common behaviors’ that can put lot of strain on your kidney:


Hi my name is Katie.
I'm sorry but I can't help you with this question:(

Katie Bounds

lifting extremely heavy things beyond your physical capacity , eating salty foods, depriving yourself of water, extreme heat, too much sugar , less sleep and rest, cocaine is bad for kidneys, high cholesterol additives, stress and last but not least no exercise

Colantino Madede


Would you ever consider studying abroad?


The Only Way To Store GCSE Maths Concepts Into Your Long Term Memory...

GCSE exams are no longer a test of 'how intelligent' you are anymore. Nowadays, they're a test of 'how much you can remember'.  Students who perform the best in their GCSE exam's tend to have very good memory retention skills. The exam boards don't do you any favours. They give all your exams in one go, with some of them falling on consecutive days.

By Chloe Wadsworth



ya in university I can take a surveying degree in estate management followed by law in the same year but it is not shown

Michelle Allcock

I take philosophy and English literature it would be good if they included some more different A levels.

molly bresslaw


By Sheikh Abdan

how to prepare for the a levels physics paper?, i learn the knowledge but then i cant attempt the


You can use the site, it breaks down each topic and makes it very easy to understand. Practice doing past papers to get a better feel and understanding of exam style questions.

Oladipo Onabanjo

is learning physics revision guide good for o-level

shaikh uzma


By Archie Dewhurst

HI everyone, I'm writing up my notes and can someone explain to me Moles and Percentage yiel


what do you want to ask about it

Haris Zulfiqar

just find it on wiki

kexin xu

Moles are these things that are found underground!
FUN FACT: They're blind

Megan Jones

Mole is the amount of a substance 6.02 *10 (to the power of 23) atoms. (n)
If you check the Molar mass (M) of a substance on the Periodic Table (Carbon = 12 g/mol
Nitrogen = 14 Oxygen = 16 etc)
you will find that 12 grams (m) of Carbon has 6.02 *10(23) atoms (1 Mole). 14 grams of N has 6.02 *10(23) atoms (1 mole). 16 grams of O is 1 mole etc.

Vraadrik Tripe



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