How to write your first CV

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Almost everyone hoping to get employment will need to supply a CV as their first step. It is generally seen as the most important part of getting a job since it is the first part of you that a prospective employer will see. This is a crucial part of any career that schools usually fail to teach students, so let’s take it back to basics.

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1: Mental Preparation

Mental Prep

Poor exam results are often caused by a negative mindset such as stress, anxiety and a lack of self-belief. Use these tips to stay positive!

By ellisha hyde

hiya I was wondering if anybody had any revision information about elements/compounds/atoms and m


Any one who know Ozonolysis please help me

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Why the content of this Business Study is not the same as the syllabus for CIE (Cambridge Interna



McCauley Mellor


Alfie Davidson

hi alfie

McCauley Mellor


Alfie Davidson

ur mum <3

McCauley Mellor

<3 <3 <3

Alfie Davidson


McCauley Mellor


By habiba bernier

Why cant you have games so that I could learn the formulas easier and if it gets repeated then it

2 is good for learning key terms and formula stuff.

Karly Brooklyns

I found was really useful for turning my notes into flashcards

Thomas Madden


By sherry st.romain

How do you find the ratio


Example; In a year there are 50 students the ratio of boys to girls is 6:4,
Add 6 and 4 together to make 10.
Then take the other number in the question (In this case 50) and divide 50 by ten. You get 5. Now you know that each single ratio is worth 5 students. Then you do 5x6 : 5x4 to work out the exact number how how many boys there are compared to girls.
Answer: 30:20

Megan Thomas


sherry st.romain


By Treylah Brown

what is the difference between mitosis and meiosis?


Mitosis is when your cells duplicate and multiply (Basically its just growing)
Meiosis is when the gametes from male and female join (This is about the cells growing into an embryo) Just remember that Mitosis is growing and Meiosis is sexual reproduction. :) hope it helps

Nawaal Farah

well sort of except meiosis is the production of cells that are used for reproduction and foetal cells. meiosis creates gametes which are then used for reproduction and mitosis creates somatic or body cells so both are a form of cell creation.

Brian Koppschall

mitosis= make identical two
meiosis= make eggs

Tempered Abyss

Mitosis: The process where a cell into two exactly similar daughter cells. This takers place in ALL somatic cells.
Meiosis: The process where a diploid cell divides into two haploid cells. This takes place ONLY in the gametes/sex cells.

Nigam Thakker


By Katrina Humphries

I have to do an assessment on 3 different sections for spoken language.


I don't know if I can help you on the other two but I did my coursework and it was only one spoken language and it was to explain how my idiolect changes in different context and situations. I talked about how I use slang when I am with my friends but at school I am formal and extend my vocabulary to get a good impression. Also I speak another language at home so i said that my language changes at home. You need to use words like back-track, sociolect, dialect, stereotype, impression, context, colloquialism, code switching, accommodate, perception, social linguistic maturation, etc. Also you need to talk about your accent and common words you use. I think you should quote what you commonly say like slang words or phrases e.g c'mon is shortened because you are in a hurry and the speech changes because you should say come on. I hop this helped but again I cant help you on the first thing and second thing because I didn't do that. :)

Nawaal Farah

From what I have gathered, whilst looking up this subject, most people seem to have concentrated on one particular topic, not sure why we are doing 3. I was thinking of writing about how my voice level changes for different situations. I'm quite a loud person around family and friends but tend to talk quieter and softer in more formal situations, do you happen to know if there is a specific terminology for this, like you have paralinguistic features for body movements or Elisons for the shortening of words.

Katrina Humphries

How my own particular dialect changes to various circumstances/settings despite the fact that I just have one transcript to work from so have nothing to look at how I change second is on different people groups talked dialect which <a href="">How Can i Write my Research Paper</a> will be Barrack Obama's presentation discourse, and I truly have little thought of what I have to examine for this one. I was contemplating how my voice level changes for various circumstances.

Watson Zion



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