I have found this article in the S-cool "What's new" section and it gives you lots of hints, tips and ideas.

Tabitha Farrant

Thanks lot, I am currentlly collecting material for my new article - http://researchpaperonline.net/write-my-research-paper . If any new information available, please get in touch.

Stanley Savis

has someone please got the Business Studes and Prodcut Design AQA AS papers from 2016 pleas?


HI Bart - you can get all the past papers and mark schemes for all your exams for free at the relevant Exam Body website
For your Business Studies, here is a link that will take you to the right place
Good luck!

Tabitha Farrant



What is the question you need help with?

Tabitha Farrant

To answer questions that are based on the statements of the critics, you need to know complete information about the text. In https://topaussiewriters.com/assignmenthelpsite-com-review/, it is explained that by understanding the background, period, literary movements, author's information, previous works, etc. will help an individual to write an effective content. It is very difficult no doubt, but one expects such performance from a literature student.

Marco Murray

Now I know my results aren't the best and I could do better. that's why I'm here.


Have a look at these videos on S-cool's YouTube channel. They offer tips for how to organise yourself and get yourself in the right mental state to optimise your revision. https://www.youtube.com/user/ScoolRevison
Also, in the next S-cool newsletter we will be putting registered users in touch with a Memory Coach - follow the link in the email (planned for 22nd Feb) to see if it is something that will help you.
Hope that helps

Tabitha Farrant

Can anybody answer

Na'ira Farooqi

The greater the energy, the larger the frequency and the shorter (smaller) the wavelength of light. Electrons can only be ejected from atoms when the energy the atom receives from the incoming electron is above the THRESHOLD FREQUENCY for that particular metal. So if you draw a graph or current against frequency, you will get NO CURRENT when the frequency is below the THRESHOLD FREQUENCY, then you will get current when the frequency rises above that.
More INTENSITY means more photons of the same energy per second. So increasing the INTENSITY for frequency BELOW the THRESHOLD FRQCY will make not difference (no electrons will come out), but increasing INTENSITY for frequency ABOVE the THRESHOLD FRQCY will increase the number of electrons released, and will therefore increase the current.
Ta daaaa!

Tabitha Farrant

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