Now I know my results aren't the best and I could do better. that's why I'm here.


Have a look at these videos on S-cool's YouTube channel. They offer tips for how to organise yourself and get yourself in the right mental state to optimise your revision.
Also, in the next S-cool newsletter we will be putting registered users in touch with a Memory Coach - follow the link in the email (planned for 22nd Feb) to see if it is something that will help you.
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Tabitha Farrant

Can anybody answer

Na'ira Farooqi

The greater the energy, the larger the frequency and the shorter (smaller) the wavelength of light. Electrons can only be ejected from atoms when the energy the atom receives from the incoming electron is above the THRESHOLD FREQUENCY for that particular metal. So if you draw a graph or current against frequency, you will get NO CURRENT when the frequency is below the THRESHOLD FREQUENCY, then you will get current when the frequency rises above that.
More INTENSITY means more photons of the same energy per second. So increasing the INTENSITY for frequency BELOW the THRESHOLD FRQCY will make not difference (no electrons will come out), but increasing INTENSITY for frequency ABOVE the THRESHOLD FRQCY will increase the number of electrons released, and will therefore increase the current.
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Tabitha Farrant
By Alf Percival

you dont

Ben Brown

go through your textbook and copy out the key points onto note cards

Alix van As

I agree

jh hj

Ultimately, you should write down all formulaes in a lined paper, then you must keep on writing it until you learn it by heart. Next you should revisit techniques to answer questions and rewrite facts about each topic. Next, you should look for past papers and new specimen papers online and print them in the library or in your school or at home. Time yourself and if you wish, decrease 15 minutes from the time suggested on your paper to practice your speed. Furthermore, I personally believe you should use textbooks and websites and ask your teacher a lot questions. Hopefully, she wouldn't mind. You should also perhaps attempt to go to sparknotes, Mathswatch, bitesize, aqa, edecel, ocr, ixl, s-cool and websites that allow you to revise because they have thought well before writing the websites and would irrefutably aid you in your learning in the best possible way. Thanks!
:) Nice to talk to you. iAdios!

jh hj

oh wah ah ah ah

Dan Squire

you could make que cards as well and get coloured paper put it in a place you're likely to be.. e.g bathroom mirror and when you're next their you can read bits of information. also I was trying to make a game for sociology (didn't work out) but maybe you can do that.. try and make it entertaining for your brothers and sisters and be creative about it..

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