Not a good idea to do that - how are you ever going to learn if someone else is doing the work? Costs money and does not help you get through the qualification.

Tabitha Farrant

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WWE Royal rumble 2017 rings will be same as it was in 2016 and whether the special wrestling or normal ones the size of ring will be same as the wrestlers are professionally trained performers in this rings and they used to have a go in the sizes in what they have practices a lot so it will be difficult for them to fight in different arena as well.

katy perry

I do understand student life is not easy. Assignment is some which help get good grade. You can get help from assignment writing company but just make sure you choose a right one. Get a assistance to help you do your assignment. These services are only for your reference like a library.

Steve Collins

hi folks,
I think you should write your assignment by yourself.
by writing a good length you improve your writing skills very much

kait june

These are my A Level subjects so I would expect them to be included, and I won't use the web


Thanks for the note. We are always looking to see which new areas we should be focusing our efforts on so we will put your suggestions forward for future developments. Good luck with your studying.

Tabitha Farrant

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rochelle castillo

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Franz Tea


By Khaleeda Dhiya

so I'm planning to take Psychology in grade 10. Some of my friends says its useless?


I just saw something about useless majors and, of course, Psychology was on the list. What do you guys think (esp. Psych majors)? 

Lara Pole


Lizzie Lance

The study of psychology is a fascinating journey! You learn about life, yourself, and you learn to learn.

Steve Collins

its very useful in understanding human behaviors

Marwan Alam

Truman Dasilva

Every student tends to struggle in a class one way or the other.


how to revise for english science and french in one day

lucy cat

i am in year 7

lucy cat

William Gomez

What are the best ways to revise for maths?


Just keep on solving problems upon problems to make yourself problem to be solved in maths . I think that's the best way to overcome maths

Thalhatou Yahya
By Rakiya Mashaka

Im a GCSE student in yr 10.


Practice papers always works. Note reading and taking is the least effective way of revision for maths


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emanuel maruio

Naomi williams

cause they don't care about are education lol

megan hebron

*our, and they care deeply

Sam Smith

This website is amazing dont dis it mate!

Patrick Scott

am wit Scott*

Tinashe Gondwa

They don't give any importance to education.

ariana smith

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