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By Tabitha Farrant

If you thinking of traveling in your gap year, use these links for some ideas and advise.


That's really good share. I've read some articles that says gap year isn't really that bad to take especially if you have created plans already. So, students should plan well to use their time wisely.


A gap year is an amazing experience. After writing my IGCSE exams in 2013, I left for a year as an exchange student in Europe, and now I've returned home for AS/A-Levels. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I learnt so much, and experienced so much, it was totally worth it, and being on the Rotary Youth Exchange program didn't make a huge dent in my pocket.
It put things into perspective and gave me a bit of a break before the tons of work of AS/A-Levels.

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By Anonymous

If you could travel to anywhere in the world where would it be ?


the world has a lot of beautiful scenery. And I want to explore every corner, you could choose any location. Good luck! friv

lote nima

some exotic place =)



Amber Ainsley

anh duc


bakin tins


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He's lost his snappy stride, never formed into a decent safeguard. Presently it would appear that he's put on weight and his offense comprises of punch venturing 9 times continuously then propelling a challenged mid-run jumper.

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By Anonymous

Where would be the best place to go for careers advice ?


Your teachers and family is a good place to start. There arr government websites too (see below), but its best to talk to someone who knows you.

Tabitha Farrant

Connexions do some good sessions and give good careers advice.

If I may give my two penneth:

I am now 28, and am going to be going to university in 2013 to study maths with the eventual aim of becoming an Actuary. I have spent the last 10 years drifting from one job to another with no real direction until I decided to sit down and think not in terms of what JOB I wanted to do, but instead of what I LIKE to do. I love maths and solving puzzles, and thinking about how I can use what I like lead me to look into Actuarial work, which is very maths-heavy and involves solving finacial problems.

Make a list of all the things that you do as a hobby and to relax, spend some time thinking about WHY you like these, and then try and think of jobs where you can use those. It is far better to do a job that you enjoy!

My journey will take me up to 10 years until I am fully qualified, but I am SOOOOO enthusiastic about it now that I have a goal in sight!

Best of luck!


Better off to fiind paid for professional careers service. Connexions were total pants when i used them (many years ago, when i was 19). Speak to people IN the industry, and especially speak to recruiters in the industry.


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